Register your HIVE-STM

As part of the ongoing upgrade of the HIVE-STM program, I created this registration form. If you are interested in acquiring the HIVE-STM program, please fill out this form. You should get an email confirming your registration, and I will get an email with your application. As I am currently still rolling out the “old” version of the program, I will be sending you your access to the program in a second email. Of course you can also just send me an email directly with this information at (danny.vanpoucke(at) 😉

Please fill out the form below to register your copy of the HIVE-STM program. This information helps me to keep track of the number of users as well as satisfies my curiosity on the demographics of the user-base.

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1. Personal Information
2. Affiliation
3. Research topic
* The information you provide is used to track the number of users and to verify support requests. By filling out this form you grant me permission to store this data.