Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

On this page you can find a full listing of the tutorials I have written related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

1. High Performance Python tutorials

Due to a strange twist of faith, most important machine learning libraries are accessible through this scripting language. In contrast to programming languages, the computational performance of scripting languages leaves to be desired as their focus goes rather to quick and easy implementation. In the tutorials below, I look for ways to mediate some of the inherent limitations of python.

2. Machine Learning with scikit-learn

Scikit-learn is currently one of the most used python libraries for creating machine-learning scripts.

  1. Building your own Regressor-Class: LS-SVM as an example


3. Building Artificial Neural Networks (Object Oriented Fortran 2003)

  1. A simple Neural Network in Fortran.

4. Post-Processing

  1. Creating animated gif images using gnuplot.