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HIVE reaches 40K lines

HIVE 3.x BannerCode statistics for HiveWith the inclusion of the phonon-module and some minor fixes and extensions to existing code, the hive 3.x program now counts over 40.000 lines, spread over 60 files. 8% of all lines are blank lines, 71% of all lines contain code, and 21% contain comments, an indication of the extent of the documentation of the code.

The code now provides access to 33 command line options of varying complexity. The simplest options (extracting a geometry, or creating a cif-file) are nearly instantaneous, while more complex options (such as Hirshfeld-I calculations) can take up to several hours.

Also from this point onward, HIVE will require to be linked with a lapack-library during compilation, to allow for the efficient solution of eigenvalue-problems.

Time for a little celebration.

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Happy Tau-day

June 28th or 6/28 the first three digits of 2\pi aka \tau. In response to the creation of \pi-day (March  14th), June 28th was suggested as \tau-day to celebrate the number representing the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its radius. (And as with most opinions these days there needs to be a lot of controversy and discussion 😎 ) Having no religious preferences for either, I suggest to celebrate both, one with a single pie, and the other with two.

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