First light

Happy 2015!

A new year goes hand in hand with new beginnings and resolutions for the coming year. For me, the new beginning is this new version of my personal webpage, and the resolution is my intent to launch this blog.

As you may have read on the frontpage of this website; I am a computational scientist with a background in both physics and chemistry. In addition, to being spread out between physics and chemistry, and between theory and experiment, I am also spread out in the real space we all live in, since I am always traveling between work and family. This lack of clear position in life and research makes me feel a bit like a delocalized particle: I am a delocalized Physicist.

On this blog you will be able to read:

  • What the life of such a delocalized physicist looks like (or a modern academic).
  • About scientific programming and computational science.
  • About the physics of/in nature.

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