improved security: “https”

With a recent transfer of this website to a new server, I was able to move it more or less entirely into the HTTPS domain. The main reason for doing this is the recent hobby of Google (and chrome as it’s extension) to target HTTP websites to indicate them as insecure [1,2,3]. The transfer from HTTP to HTTPS provides some security with regard to Man-In-The-middle attacks (or for those with the background in quantum information and quantum cryptography: it protects Alice and Bob from Eve…). It unfortunately will not protect my website from being hacked, nor you if I would include “evil” scripts into a page or post. 😈

Those who are interested in the “security” of this website may notice some pages are not yet labeled as secure. The origin lies in the sitemeter used to measure traffic. As it does not allow for an HTTPS connection to the used script. Other than that everything on the pages should be over HTTPS. The sole exceptions are some of the posts, which may still be using the HTTP version of the CSS style sheets and javascript scripts used to securely hide my email. If you notice something like this, feel free to put it in a comment under the post, and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.).


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