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Just married

Today is a joyful day, as I am getting married to my lovely girlfriend, my partner in crime, the mother of our son, the stars of my night-sky: my wife.

In February, we silently snuck out and got married (just the two of us and our son). We even had a small honeymoon/pilgrimage to Enschede, the place where it all began. We visited the town and the university campus, reliving old memories of those first days.

Today, we have the ring-ceremony and wedding party to share our happiness  with our family and friends. As we are having the celebration at a local castle, Sylvia also designed a special coat of arms for our little family:




Calculemus et Sapiamus

Congratulations with your 100000000Bth follower Sylvia

For my favorite science-communicator and philosopher of science: Sylvia Wenmackers, congratulations with your 100000000Bth follower on twitter.

It all started just over 4 years ago with a blog on your own webpage, which quickly was accompanied by a blog on scilogs. This in turn lead to a column in EOS, and lately you have been expanding your influence through radio and newspaper (de standaard) contributions (as it is described in the scientific conference language). You are great at explaining things you are enthusiastic about ( something you showed during famelab Belgium) and an excellent writer (FQXi first-prize).

To measure your steep road to science-communicator fame I have a small present for you:

Small present.

Small present.

(Hint: It is not an ugly garden statue, for that you need two bits more 🙂 )