Winterschool on computational chemistry

Starting next week from February 3rd up to February 9th the second virtual winterschool on computational chemistry will take place. This week-long winter school is packed with interesting webinars given by experts from all over the world (among others Kieron Burke and John Perdew, jep those of the DFT-functionals we are using) and me. I’ll be presenting an introductory tutorial in solid state calculations and how to use VASP for this task.

Registration for this winter school is free, and since it takes place on the world wide web, there is still room at the back :-). (In addition to a lack of worries whether or not you will be able to get your hands on a last minute plane-ticket or hotel-room and which funding agency might reimburse those tickets.) I’ll be running example-calculations real time, and hope my sidekick will perform to expectation.

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